Inspiration Lately | 3-20-14

Happy first day of Spring! As a Michigander, I could not be more excited (even though there is a light dusting of snow on the ground from last night). I'm so looking forward to rainy Sunday afternoons spent reading, curled up with a mug of tea and my best pup. How cute are the boots… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 3-20-14


5 Tips to Survive Having Crutches & Living Alone

Last week I had really ambitious plans for all the amazing blog work I would do this past weekend. I was going to write a post about re-potting/taking care of/obsessing over indoor plants AND one about installing an above-the-door shelf in my bathroom. And maybe even overhaul my minuscule, awkward-shaped closet. But then as I was… Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive Having Crutches & Living Alone

Inspiration Lately | 3-9-14

Chocolate chip sconies and chai tea in the fresh March sunlight at my favorite cafe. Unexpected Salvation Army finds. Determination and the kindness of  the Salvation Army worker who helped me fit those unexpected finds into the trunk of my smart. Seeing the power of hunger harnessed and put to good use with FoodCircles. The innovation behind… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 3-9-14