Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14

In the last week I a) bumped into a group of pedestrians with my Jeep, b) hit a post in a gas station parking lot and took out my headlight, c) fell down my front steps and sprained my ankle, d) shattered my cell phone screen, and e) still have not found an apartment in… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14

Inspiration Lately | 2-18-14

Sunny Saturday morning road trips with my best pup, jamming to this tune.   A sunny, Saturday spent at The Cove with my favorite uncle, a cousin who sends me cards with Harry Potter stamps, and that same cousin's adorable baby. Mugs' very first "big dog" friend, Zeus, (pictured above)¬†and the epic nap Mugs took… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 2-18-14