Inspiration Lately | 6-4-14

Magnetic knife strips + modern art. 2x4 art, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. Rustic open shelving (and more magnetic knife strips). This poem by one of the students who attends the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center, where I tutor every Tuesday. An amazing day spent at Delta City Open,┬áDetroit's wackiest rollerblading competition, last Saturday. And… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 6-4-14

Inspiration Lately | 4/18/14

  Happy Good Friday, friends. Can I just be straight up and say that I didn't even really know what this religious holiday was about until recently? And that I was pleasantly shocked when I found out I had it off from work? I like the name of it. Good Friday. I like that it's… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 4/18/14

Inspiration Lately | 4-2-14

Taylor Anne's first apartment in Brooklyn makes me feel sort of terrible about my own place (because it's my third apartment and still mostly in decorative shambles) but also like I might just swoon. The perfect mix of eclectic, warm, and classic. Crispy edamame, cheap cabernet sauvignon, and a good book found at my local… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 4-2-14