Inspiration Lately | 6-18-14

A bathroom with a baby sink and a plant in the shower, just like mine...except this one manages to feel airy and open. High-waisted pants, woven belts, and dark hair. The anthem of my summer. Muted tones and mixed patterns I could fall backward into. A watch I really need. A reading chair that would… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 6-18-14

Reasons I’m Driving 1,200 Miles [in a smart car]

I'm taking a 1,200 mile road trip from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Denver, Colorado. In my smart car. Here's why. Getting lost = getting right with your soul.¬†After a long, tumultuous relationship (we're friends now, no hard feelings!) and a semi-dreadful break-up, I really just need to realign. Plus, I'm having a hard time dealing… Continue reading Reasons I’m Driving 1,200 Miles [in a smart car]