Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14

In the last week I a) bumped into a group of pedestrians with my Jeep, b) hit a post in a gas station parking lot and took out my headlight, c) fell down my front steps and sprained my ankle, d) shattered my cell phone screen, and e) still have not found an apartment in… Continue reading Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14


Things I’ve Been Doing | 101 Things Update

In the two days I've been on vacation, I've been able to cross the following off my list: 6. Visit a state you've never been to. 11. Forgive yourself. 27. Take a real road trip. 28. Watch a sunrise. 29. Watch a sunset. 51. Let something go that hurts you. 63. Vacuum your car and… Continue reading Things I’ve Been Doing | 101 Things Update

A Quick Synopsis of My Road Trip [So Far]

Left White Cloud, MI at 5:00AM. Promptly almost hit a deer. Celebrated near miss with gas station Krispy Creme donuts and Twizzlers for breakfast. Drove 6 hours to Iowa City. Found this bookstore. Bought these postcards. Napped in my smart carĀ in a public park for 30 minutes. DROVE 8 MILLION HOURS. Didn't know which state… Continue reading A Quick Synopsis of My Road Trip [So Far]