101 Things I’m Doing in 2017

2017: a year of healing + curiosity. Currently 58/101. Finish a second draft of Miles of Sparks. Visit a city you've never been to. Continue looking into graduate school. Bake cookies for someone. Deep clean your house. Do the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. Read 60 books. Have a potluck dinner party. Submit work somewhere at least once.… Continue reading 101 Things I’m Doing in 2017


Lists, books, scarves, happiness.

Yesterday I visited Park Hill Community Bookstore, Denver's most lovely co-op of used books. It was just the sunny adventure I needed on a day that is usually very hard for me. January 6th marks the passing of my father, and this year marked the ninth year I've been without the man who would tape… Continue reading Lists, books, scarves, happiness.