2020 self-portrait, Danielle Alexander.

101 Things I’m Doing in 2020

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

This year I’m focused on home. After having a baby in 2019, I want to feel more at home in my body; feel at home in my role as mother and partner; and cultivate a physical space that feels like home for my little family. I want to find/create a home for my writing. I want to find home in meaningful friendships. And I want to feel a sense of home in myself when I’m making big decisions. I want to feel safe and brave.

So with all that in mind, here are my plans for 2020:

  1. Make a final project for IPRC class that I’m really proud of.
  2. Sleep for eight consecutive hours.
  3. Go to Universal Studios (Harry Potter World).
  4. Have a fun and relaxing first birthday party for Ori.
  5. Celebrate Ori’s birth for myself.
  6. Celebrate Ori’s first year with Jeff in a meaningful way.
  7. See a play, opera, or other theatrical production [2016].
  8. Put feet in the Atlantic Ocean [2016].
  9. Go on a writing retreat. [2017]
  10. Drive a motorcycle. [2017]
  11. Visit Mount Hood. [2018]
  12. Visit Mount Saint Helens. [2018]
  13. Blog every day for 30 consecutive days. [2018]
  14. Go whale watching. [2018]
  15. Make a hardcover notebook [2018]
  16. Teach a writing workshop. [2018]
  17. Go for a long solo hike. [2019]
  18. Go on a camping trip. [2019]
  19. Buy art from a friend. [2019]
  20. Go strawberry picking and make jam. [2019]
  21. Take a 24-hour digital detox. No screens.
  22. Make a zine.
  23. Go a week without Netflix. [2019]
  24. Go dancing. [2019]
  25. Do a float tank.
  26. Relax in a hot spring.
  27. Vote.
  28. Replace plates and bowls with handmade ones.
  29. Get a king-sized bed.
  30. Decorate for the holidays.
  31. Hang a gallery wall.
  32. Hang plants.
  33. Bake a lavender themed cake.
  34. Decorate holiday cookies.
  35. See a movie alone.
  36. Make a collage.
  37. Go on a road trip.
  38. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
  39. Go on a double date.
  40. Go on an extended family vacation.
  41. Send out a homemade holiday greeting.
  42. Paint something.
  43. Visit a synagogue.
  44. Apply to grad school.
  45. Find a yoga center I love.
  46. Go on at least one date night every month.
    1. January: Kennedy School Soaking Pool + Mee Sen Thai
    2. February:
    3. March:
    4. April:
    5. May:
    6. June:
    7. July:
    8. August:
    9. September:
    10. October:
    11. November:
    12. December:
  47. Plant a garden.
  48. Read five parenting books.
  49. Write a list of 10 reasons I am a good mother.
  50. Take Ori for a nature walk.
  51. Kayak in the harbor.
  52. Try dry brushing.
  53. Soak in a hot tub for an hour.
  54. Visit Denver.
  55. Get a pedicure.
  56. Get a manicure.
  57. Get a facial.
  58. Visit a sauna.
  59. Have an energy healing.
  60. Keep a reading log.
  61. Do something kind for a neighbor.
  62. Set up a Montessori environment for Ori.
  63. Finish reading The Wise Heart.
  64. Finish reading The Body Keeps the Score.
  65. Take a luxurious bubble bath.
  66. Subscribe to a magazine.
  67. Have a board game night.
  68. Set up a studio space that works for me.
  69. Visit five bookstores I haven’t been to.
  70. Visit an art museum.
  71. Take Ori to a children’s museum.
  72. Finger paint.
  73. Buy a nice pair of socks.
  74. Buy flowers.
  75. Visit a farmer’s market.
  76. See a comedy show.
  77. Watch a sunset.
  78. Go on a lunch date with a friend.
  79. Get a pearl ring or necklace (Ori’s birthstone).
  80. Get car mats and seat covers.
  81. Organize tools.
  82. Do a family photo shoot.
  83. Set up a relaxing space outdoors, a mini retreat.
  84. Find a water bottle that encourages me to drink water regularly.
  85. Get new retainers.
  86. Find a primary care physician I love.
  87. Do one 20-minute meditation.
  88. Do morning pages for a week.
  89. Send a collaged piece of mail.
  90. Leave a 100% tip.
  91. Have a 60-minute craniosachral massage.
  92. Get new pillows and a big fluffy duvet.
  93. Celebrate my birthday in a meaningful way.
  94. Ask another mom for advice.
  95. Visit a city I’ve never been to.
  96. Go skinny dipping.
  97. Make a family tree for Ori.
  98. Make a cup of tea and sit down to drink it. Do nothing else.
  99. Hang holiday lights in the bathroom.
  100. Submit work somewhere, at least once.
  101. Finish this list.

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