November 2018: Gratitude

November was dominated by the election, not feeling good (a combination of early pregnancy insomnia, nausea, and two bouts of the cold), and Jeff taking such good care of me through it all.

Here are a few other things I was grateful for:

Going home early to nap.
Tea at therapy.
Sugar maple full of yellow, full of change.

Greg’s art show with Laura + Jeff.
Tea as a gift from the bank for opening a savings account.
Making night lists in bed with Jeff.

Ringing the triangle for ballots.
Jeff coming over to take care of me.
Getting an extra hour of sleep.

Subway for lunch – a craving for chicken teriyaki.
Beaverton Goodwill.
Holiday decorations – a little wreath made of spools.

Finding comfortable positions for sleep.
Sugar maple all yellow.
Kat + An vetoing 4AM lit drop for me.

Waking up well-rested.
Finding out the chairs in the SEIU basement recline.
Winning everything.

The day after winning everything.
Morning therapy, even when extra tired.
A good afternoon nap.

Sleeping in + a day spent at Jeff’s.
Mugs at Jeff’s house, so sweet and calm.
My apartment almost pre-election clean, candles lit, The Office on.

Really crying it out.
Laughing hard with Laura at the Palace.
Feeling good enough to be at work all day.

A sick day spent in bed.
Pho delivery from LeLa’s.
An entire season of GBBS watched.

Mopped floors, candles lit.
Energy to wash dishes.
Seeing mountains from the kitchen window again.

Lunch + flu shot date with Jeff.
Couch talks.
Mugs snuffled up and resting nicely.

A sick day with lots of tissues.
All the episodes of The Office.
Jeff coming over to check on me.

Austen already walking better.
Lunch at Cadillac Cafe with Jeff and his parents.
A nice appointment with potential doulas.

A reprieve from the cold – finally.
Returning to work after time away.
A nice long bath.

Working from home.
A giant basket, thrifted.
Reading Harry Potter at Salt & Straw.

A fun clothing swap with neighbors.
Reading Harry Potter on the couch all day.
All the animals lounging wit me – full heart.

Narcos with Laura.
Jalapeño chips.
Jeff home from Denver.

Breakfast with the Hammonds & Laura.
Pre-birth center chicken tenders.
Post-birth center thai food date.

Couch moved to the conference room at work so I can nap.
Christmas garland hung.
Cutting paper again for the first time in ages.

Picking out a new bed for Mugs.
A good head & neck massage at the salon.
Driving to Olympia early.

Grapes + string cheese with Ro.
Mugs laying cozy in his new bed.
Foreheads together before sleep.

Jim’s coffee with 3/4 of the mug milk.
Coming home after a few days away.
When the heater kicks on.

Laying in bed and talking
Tub unclogged, fridge fixed.
Morning bath with coconut oil.

Driving my new car and feeling safe.
Reading Harry Potter on the couch all day.
Hot water bottle in bed at night.

Little bowls of jewelry on the window sill.
Big cozy sweatpants.
Linea negra maybe discovered in the bathtub (update: was just a line from my sweatpants).

Working on a project with Jeff.
Carrot sticks, turkey sandwiches.
Realizing what it is I really, really want.

Laying on the couch with Austen & Mugs.
Thai food with Kenya.
Reassurance from Amy.

Surviving my first real throw up.
A good hard therapy followed by mozzarella sticks.
Finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Morning light at Jeff’s house.
A half day at work and an afternoon to rest.
Late afternoon nap.


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