September 2018: Gratitude

September is usually a season that makes me outrageously happy: I get out my boots, I crunch in the leaves, I revel in the earlier sunsets and rain storms. But this year was really hard for me, and toward the end of the month, I had four days of real anxiety and panic. I had been working too much in anticipation of the election, and lost sight of all the self-care practices that keep me even-keeled. I was glad that it was short and I was able to return quickly to finding things to be grateful for.

House smelling like banana bread.
Reading in bed until noon.
Curled up under the quilt, eating chili.

Neskowin ocean.
Sandy feet.
Reading on the beach.

Painting the doorway, sanding the sink.
Jane snuggles.
Nighttime yoga.

Peppermint tea.
A new favorite, oversized cotton sweatshirt.
Different shades of beige and white.

Tamales and Kimmy Schmidt.
Curled up in bed with my notebook.
Unexpected muffler repair and diner breakfast.

Falling asleep watching Kimmy Schmidt.
Eyes that say I love you.
Austen & Mugs always coming into the bathroom.

Talking books with Laura.
Cozy, safe office space returned to me.
Co-workers who check in and make me laugh.

Return of rainy, gray weather.
Elevator hugs.
Creaky floor boards by the bed.

Ice cream as making up.
Heavy quilt, velvet couch.
Kimmy Schmidt.

Rosh Hashanah with steak and spaghetti.
Playing rummy.
Cozy reading chair.

Cozy cups of coffee at work.
An evening of rest.
Night time rain storm.

Rain drops left on sugar maple leaves.
Dog, quilt, couch.
Another night time storm, this one with lightning.

Realizing how broad and deep my support network is.
Butternut squash & miso soup for dinner.
Coming home to my bed made by Jeff.

Handwritten to-do lists.
Mugs asleep in a pile of blankets.
A freshly made bed.

Hiding under the covers.
William Temple during a rain storm
Reading outside at Coffee Time.

Making tea at 3am and writing.
Warm, vanilla candle.
Mugs nestled under covers.

Steamy windows returned.
Hot bath + The Office.
Mastering making a gif.

Sunrise coming later, at writing time.
Steam rolling off coffee.
Sugar maple reaching up, still striving.

Morning bath.
Chicken noodle soup, extra broth & noodles.
Laying down hugs.

A new rug, cozy and woven.
Wendy’s with Jeff.
Laughing with Greg, Laura, and Jeff.

Dried eucalyptus.
Library books in a stack.
Cozy, rug, worth the wait.

A partner who makes me dinner, does the dishes, and walks Mugs despite my protests.
Jealous Eleanor.
Colder, rainier weather.

Waking up with Jeff.
A kind doctor in a crisis.
Soft socks, candles lit, tea made.

Leaving space for the time I was sad, honoring it.
Cozy, woven rug, such a comfort.
Being around art, being in an art space.

Good coffee, slow morning on the couch with pets.
Mugs and Jane laying next to each other.
An understanding boyfriend.

A good night’s rest.
PB&J for dinner.


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