March 2018: Gratitude

Since last spring I have been dutifully writing down three things every night that made me grateful during the day. Here is my list from March 2018:

Setting up a new month in my bullet journal, feeling prepared, excited.
Sleeping on the couch with my heavy quilt.
Standing by the heater in the living room, palms up.

Passing HB 4005 in the Senate, being there.
Car2Go, getting my new mattress.
Driving, crossing the 405 alone at night.

Perusing Goodwill and William Temple.
Waking up to the sun, basking in it.
A stack of postcards to sending, talking books at Bookwerks.

Soft, fleece-lined blanket.
Advocating for myself – staying home.
Spielman’s argula, jam, and bacon.

Proscuitto, gruyere, gouda, peppered salami, pinot noir.
Spare keys across the city.
Thinking and talking with Olivia.

Snack drawer chocolate.
Baggy wool smock paired with blazer.
Sun on face, rosehip and cardamon latte.

The guy who stood up for gender-free bathrooms at William Temple.
Coffee with milk.
Buds and blossoms peeking out.

Walking under a clear umbrella.
Entryway table!
Soft blanket, fleece under heavy quilt.

Reading Wild Mind on the bus.
Folding paper and making a product at work.
Confidence found in mirror selfies at Doug Fir.

Waking up to a very sunny apartment.
Painting the entryway.
Mugs doing just fine after a trip to the vet.

Black and white photograph in a black frame.
Walking with sunglasses on, smiling in the sun.
Soft pink fingernails.

Learning to be sad and alone, welcoming it.
Carrying packages to the post on a warm night.
Both cats coming to lay on me.

My tree has full buds, ready to split open.
Wet pink cherry blossoms strewn all over the neighborhood.
Charcuterie board and amply wine pre-flight.

Vulnerability amongst co-workers.
A giant, lavish hotel room all to myself.
Seeing Mount St. Helens while walking Mugs in the hills.

Writing three pages at the hotel restaurant, orange juice.
Tiny potted pine tree on my neighbor’s patio.
Lighting a candle, making a smoothie.

Austen putting his forehead to my forehead while writing.
Ice rink, blades, bodies moving.
Patch of perfect, lime green moss on the sidewalk.

Walking in the rain after acupuncture.
Letting myself cry and be sad.
All the pets sleeping on me on the couch.

Chai latte at the ER vet.
Mugs snuggled up on the couch, resting.
Floors mopped, things freshly painted, laundry done.

“Creativity is courage” mug coming to me.
Peanut butter toast in bed.
Bright green buds on my tree.

Couch hangs and pinot grigio.
Pizza dinner with Annie.
Cancelled night meetings, celebratory baths.

Sunrise mountain-view walk with mugs.
Rainy night with the curtains open.
Afternoon bath and couch nap.

Letting myself name homelessness and feel it.
Edna St. Vincent Millay on the couch.
My cozy corner at work.

Running really fast and hard. In the rain.
Stretching after a run.
Afternoon nap.

Starting the day covered in coconut oil, getting acupuncture.
Latte, bread and butter and cheese at Sterling.
Getting a ginger beer, leaving when I wanted o.

Patio beer with Miwako, Paul, Adriana, and Mugs.
Tree in full, heavy bloom, flowers everywhere.
Evan sitting on the floor to meet Mugs.

Seeing Team M101 again, cozy round table.
Love at first sight.
Afternoon nap with a full bed.

Dogs playing in the park.
Pine State biscuits.
Smiling in bed.

Coffee at my desk, tree in bloom.
Writing after work, just a few pages.
Light gray, woven kitchen rug.

Date with Annie at Pocket Pub, our spot.
Friendly Lyft drivers who conversation keeps me from car sickness.
Button up black skirt and boots giving me confidence.

Cherry blossoms and roses everywhere.
I love yous outside Salt & Straw.
Good, vulnerable conversations with co-workers.

Afternoon and evening couch naps.
Mugs playing well with other dogs.
Freshly made bed.


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