February 2018: Gratitude

Since last spring I have been dutifully writing down three things every night that made me grateful during the day. Here is my list from February 2018:

New floral candle + cozy sweater.
Dainty pink nails.
A desk by the window, remembering the super moon.

Friends all around the table at Paymaster.
Matcha latte, flowers, eucalyptus.
Kindness of the massage therapist; being vulnerable.

Morning light, cooking and kissing in the kitchen.
Old men playing chess at Coffee Time.
Scrap PDX – everything I’ll ever need.

Lavender ice cream + William Temple.
Malbec and pickles at a Super Bowl Party.
Basket, coffee mug, book on plants.

Taking my blazer off, the confidence to do so.
Velvet couch hang outs.
Cranberry juice instead of wine.

Garnacha & Settlers of Catan.
Moss green velvet shirt.
Desk tucked into a corner beneath the window.

Foggy windows, morning sun, an hour to write.
Bartini, conversation and questions.
Floppy Austen, willing to hang upside down.

Foggy windows, Mugs’ deep breathing.
Moss on sidewalk, moss on trees, moss on everything.
Good phone call with my mother and brother.

Becoming more comfortable sitting with discomfort.
Kissing on both cheeks as hello.
A long, slow breakfast at Spielman’s.

Sleeping in, sleeping next to someone.
Matcha and reading at Coffee Time.
Sewing a journal, always soothing.

Folding someone else’s laundry.
Looking at each other in the mirror while brushing teeth.
Tie blanket, soft fleece on a leather couch.

Purple floral candle.
Warm hands on skin, lotion, massage.
Pasta with pesto, feta cheese, warm feet, soft PJs.

Cozy robe + Parks & Rec on the couch.
Seeing mountains & sunrise on my morning walk.
Sunset in Beaverton, a kind moment.

Rainy morning, starting with a key and kissing.
Dick’s Kitchen for burgers, gin & ginger.
Someone to be scared with after almost getting run over.

Game night with friends and wine.
Sleeping on the couch with quilt.
Cold, soft Austen ears.

Rainy drive to Seattle, big conifer trees, Migos.
Soft skin, water softener, soft sheets.
Laying on yoga mat to ease anxiety.

Quiet morning on rainy patio, roof dripping gently.
Perusing bookstores, picking anything, no worries for cost.
Throwing a succulent, hearing it shatter.

Paul & Adriana’s engagement story.
Replanting the succulent.
Secretly whispered “I love yous.”

Reading on the couch all morning.
Sleeping in my own bed.
Reading by holiday lights, everyone piled in bed.

Walking in a soft, gentle snow.
Moss and ferns growing on trees.
Wet cement.

William Temple and all its dusty treasures.
Finishing We the Living in the bathtub.
Clean towels.

No longer bothered by the rain, accepting of everything wet.
Thinking of things that stay still enough for moss.
Dark blue knitted throw pillow.

Dusty, cluttered vintage shops.
Turkey cubano at Lardo.
Facing a fear, going on the air tram.

Coffee with an old friend, comfortable in the wheelchair.
Late into the office, hat on, shirt tucked in, hair unwashed.
Feeling beautiful, feeling myself.

Arms around each other, walking on Hawthorne.
Hard conversations, puzzling together.
An embrace, a kiss on the neck, palm held to the window.

Tea with Annie, bodies folded into the couch.
Tiny pine tree on neighbor’s balcony.
Heavy canvas curtains – opening and closing.

Kind committee, caramel latte.
Folding paper, returning to myself.
A chair from Sterling, dashing across the street to get it.

Working from home, watching HB 4005 pass the House.
Clean laundry, slippers.
Avocado, cherry tomatoes, carrots for lunch.


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