January 2018: Gratitude

Since last spring I have been dutifully writing down three things every night that made me grateful during the day. Here is my list from January 2018:

Epsom salt and lavender bath.
A giant reading chair, a gift.
Clean clothes, clean sheets, clean start.

A charcoal gray harness for Mugs.
Ginger beer at the Abbey.
Sleeping next to someone.

Giant pink sunrise, suddenly golden.
Pausing to be grateful at the bus stop.
Homemade sugar cookies at work.

Having a little cry at therapy.
Getting Cherell to take her ballot out of the trash.
Walking Mugs, dark out, wet hair.

Tree branches outside window, mountains on horizon.
Mossy roofed, brick public bathroom in park by 4th & Madison.
Falling in love with Portland every time I cross a bridge.

Raspberry scone, cute boy and dog waiting outside.
Sweet potato fries and beer after a long day canvassing.
Holding hands while walking home.

McDonald’s for everyone.
Happy cats with wet food, happy Mugs with a bone.
Bare feet in bed, how you look while sleeping.

A new bathroom rug for Mugs to lay on.
Two baths, bronchitis be damned.
Working from home in bed, resting.

Waking up with Mugs & Austen nestled on either side of me.
A cute boy walked my dog and did all my dishes.
Sleep, deep slumber; medicated.

Hot coffee, having my coffee.
Laying on and with someone.
A cute boy who likes my pets.

Morning walk to work, developing routine.
Feeling at home in the city, mist on my face.
Chai tea, even when overpriced, a treat.

A phone call with Rep. Hernandez, his kindness.
Hot baths.
Hot water bottle + cough medicine.

My M101 team – such love, such family.
Walking up not sick, being past the flu.
Home after a long day. My home.

Turning in M101 ballots for the first time.
Getting out of work early, time on the green couch.
Home, so cozy, so welcoming, so happy here.

A giant room full of people, believing in the good.
A second chance to spell l-a-v-e-n-d-e-r at Dig-a-Pony.
Finally being back in bed, arms and legs and touching and kissing.

Curling up in my own bed.
Velvet blanket, heavy quilt.
The neighbor’s fireplace in the morning.

Thai food from AFL-CIO.
A sense of belonging, of camaraderie.
Coconut oil in my bath.

A cute boy cutting cardboard.
Walking in the rain after therapy, breaking through.
Finally getting my ballot.

Clean clothes, clothes hanging to dry.
Getting out of work at a decent hour.
M101 team.

Long phone call with Olivia.
My ballot, turned in with 13 others.
Kind volunteers.

Scheduling Wardrobe posts for Krysten Hill.
A place to rest during a migraine.
A day working from a quiet union basement.

Knocking doors in the rain, getting one ballot.
Auditing ballots, seeing their collective power.
McDonald’s with Kenya.

Job offer.
Five minute power nap in the SEIU bathroom chair.

Javahound with Mugs.
Afternoon couch nap.
Annie saying I attract good.

Chicken lunch at Reel M Inn with the team.
Iced chai.
Being back in my office.

Soft, velvet blankets.
Mugs’ firm body, carried like a baby in the rain.
A spotless kitchen, cupboards gleaming.

A large mimosa and storytelling at brunch.
Cozy flannel shirt, wet hair.
Reading & eating steamy pasta.

Laying with someone while anxious.
Sipping iced dirty chai outside; neighborhood love.
Sea Side Homes, British accents.

Steak burrito for breakfast.
Karaoke with co-workers.
Feedback from Kalpana at coalition meeting.

Rose cardamon latte & goat cheese romesco sandwich.
Sun on face when going over the bridge on bus.
Holding hands, walking to small bar.

Steamy windows, robe on, coffee in hand.
Patty coming to talk to me.
Clean laundry, time at home, BBQ sliders.


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