101 Things I’m Doing in 2017


2017: a year of healing + curiosity. Currently 58/101.

  1. Finish a second draft of Miles of Sparks.
  2. Visit a city you’ve never been to.
  3. Continue looking into graduate school.
  4. Bake cookies for someone.
  5. Deep clean your house.
  6. Do the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge.
  7. Read 60 books.
  8. Have a potluck dinner party.
  9. Submit work somewhere at least once.
  10. Go skinny dipping.
  11. Create a recipe zine.
  12. Pick flowers.
  13. Make homemade pickles.
  14. Have someone over for tea.
  15. Increase proficiency in Spanish, Russian, and Polish.
  16. Rent a movie from the library and have a movie night.
  17. Learn one song on harmonica.
  18. Ride your bike somewhere for fun.
  19. Exchange writing with someone.
  20. Go to a yoga class.
  21. Make a gift for someone.
  22.  Deep clean your car.
  23. Visit Uncle Terry.
  24. Organize and print photos.
  25. Write down three short-term goals, three one-year goals, three five-year goals, and three ten-year goals.
  26. Ride the Rapid.
  27. Go to an open mic night.
  28. Wash windows and clean mirrors.
  29. Clean blinds.
  30. Clean out purse.
  31. Update resume and keep it on website.
  32. Plant perennials.
  33. Find an accountant and prep your taxes early.
  34. Clean out your desk and dresser.
  35. Switch to a credit union for banking.
  36. Ride on a motorcycle.
  37. Make an affirmative prayer zine.
  38. Do a master collecting from all your journals ever.
  39. Make a rag rug for Mugs.
  40. Watch a sunset on a lake.
  41. Re-read the Harry Potter series.
  42. Do the Spending Fast for the whole year.
  43. Find a pen pal. Write long letters.
  44. Go to the beach and lay in the sun.
  45. Attend a brunch party.
  46. Finish one knitting project.
  47. Go for a long hike by yourself.
  48. Host a game night.
  49. Take Giselle for a weekend.
  50. Bring a week’s worth of freezer meals to someone.
  51. Make candles.
  52. Make a self care box and deliver it to someone who needs it.
  53. Go on a camping trip.
  54. Get a massage.
  55. Create a book of things found in books.
  56. Take a painting class. [2016]
  57. Take a pottery class. [2016]
  58. Go canoeing or kayaking [2014]
  59. See a play, opera, or other theatrical production [2016].
  60. See the Atlantic Ocean [2016].
  61. Get a watch [2016].
  62. Get an alarm clock [2016].
  63. Get a typewriter [2016].
  64. Start a retirement account [2016].
  65. Go on a road trip.
  66. Swim in Lake Michigan [2016].
  67. Have a DIY spa night.
  68. Send a thank you card for something unexpected.
  69. Take a digital detox.
  70. Have a cocktail party with friends in the backyard.
  71. Make a family tree.
  72. Go strawberry picking.
  73. Go to an art opening.
  74. Go to a museum.
  75. Take a weekend writing trip to the seaside.
  76. Plant lavender underneath the porch.
  77. Do this 21 Day Self-Care Challenge.
  78. Complete this self-reflection for 2016.
  79. Do these journal prompts.
  80. Install a shelf in living room.
  81. Create a gallery wall of locally made art.
  82. Create Level 10 Life goals.
  83. Listen to live music at least once.
  84. Create a paw ornament for Mugs.
  85. Make a collage.
  86. Buy all your groceries for the week at the farmer’s market.
  87. Draw something.
  88. Have a picnic at Reed’s Lake. Bring a book to read.
  89. Make a list of things that make you happy.
  90. Do this 7 day self-care challenge.
  91. Clean out your junk drawers.
  92. Calculate how much money you’ll need to save for retirement.
  93. Create a portfolio of your work.
  94. Ask previous mentors/employers for a reference letter to keep on hand.
  95. Do morning pages for 30 days.
  96. Practice ayuverdic dinacharya for one week.
  97. Take stock of the things you’ve done.
  98. Spend an evening writing and sipping tea.
  99. Let something go.
  100. Eat vegetarian for a month.
  101. Finish this list

48 of 101 things completed in 2017.


2 thoughts on “101 Things I’m Doing in 2017”

  1. I lost count around 44 of all the things that made me think “me too!” or “I will do that with you!”. Please think of me when you need a companion for just about any of these. Especially tea. And yoga. And making things for our dogs. xox

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