Inspiration Lately | 4-2-15

The last few weeks (months?) I’ve spent a lot of time offline. It has been lonely, hopeful, wonderful. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

madcap coffee.

Going home.


Making and collaborating.

congress park.

Taking the long way home when I walk the dog. (Seeing the warm red sidewalks in the sunrise.)

giselle letter 2015

Getting letters from my littlest love.

thump coffee.

Getting up early, drinking cappucinos in the sun. Working on pro-bono projects.

wolves and honey.

Finally reading all the books I’ve bought in used bookstores recently, preferably on slow Sunday afternoons, when the light is best in my tiny apartment.

petrified wood platte river. tree platte river.

Exploring Colorado in March, examining tree bark, petrified wood, and the way the river sounds at night when I’m sleeping under the stars.

vintage postcard.

And spending time with the one who brings me succulents for Valentine’s Day, and vintage postcards, artist books, and beef jerky when he comes home from vacation.

What’s been keeping you inspired lately?


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