Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

You may have noticed that has a new home page.

Website Home Page Re-Design

I’m thrilled to finally share this update with all of you – it’s been over a month in the works. I’ve spent a lot of time recently really evaluating what it is I’m doing. Most twenty-somethings go through this right? I think turning twenty-four this month made something click in my brain; a little voice said “you’re past the hard part – now it’s time for the real work, the real fun, the real joy.”

I’m both proud and exceedingly nervous to share Little Space Communications – providing passionate and creative grant & award writing and messaging, as well as a variety of other services, to nonprofits and small, locally-owned businesses. I’m hoping to be fully launched in about 3 months! This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but also the easiest. I love writing for nonprofits, and as the daughter of two small business owners, my heart is full of pride and compassion for the work small businesses do. Writing in a compelling and creative way is easy when the cause is there, the mission is sound, and the work being done is beautiful. I can’t wait to start partnering and collaborating!

I’m perhaps more proud and nervous to also share a new home for some of my creative writing, and the creative projects I’ve been working on with Tim Albon, a multimedia artist here in Denver that runs a small book press and workshop called Dead Cowboy Industries (and also takes me on dates sometimes). Our first full-length artist book is now available for sale here.

I really appreciate all of the support, advice, and ears I bent in making these decisions and in re-designing my website. I hope you’ll continue reading my blog (I promise it will still be mostly about living in little spaces, cats, and adventure-having) and chatting with me via comments, emails, and on social media.

I love you guys.




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