Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Here‘s a mix to enjoy over your second cup of coffee at your desk (you can just pretend it’s still Sunday).


I spent a lot of time last week and this weekend  thinking about the internet. About the way I am and am not genuine here, and how you might see me, and how I see you. It makes me really anxious. I had an impromptu conversation with a college friend last week about how we base our perceptions of people off how they appear online versus getting to know them in real life. I feel connected to so many people, when really, I haven’t seen any of them in-person in years. I don’t really know what’s going on in their lives or how they’re truly feeling, whether the happiness they express in their Facebook profile picture is truly indicative of their every day life. It’s too much for me. Does anyone else feel this way? I am exhausted from keeping up with the hundreds of people in my life, many of whom I don’t even really know (or need to know).

I miss the days when a telephone call once a week was enough, when it sustained you until the next call. Those calls, those connections, were so much more meaningful. I miss having just a handful of people to love and know.

My  birthday is next Monday. As a gift to myself, I’m going to take a week away from the internet. I’d like to read some books, listen to music, go outside. I’d like to see human beings in person, over a cup of coffee. I’d like to sleep-in and snuggle my cats instead of waking up and looking at all the new photos that appeared on my Instagram feed over night. I’d like to stop comparing myself to people I don’t even know based off how they appear on the internet.

So, I’ll be back on my birthday next Monday. It will be meaningful, because I’ll have so much to tell you.

Until then, have a beautiful, beautiful week.



2 thoughts on “Happy Monday”

  1. I still don’t have a phone. call me on Victoria’s phone…or i will call you! I feel the EXACT same way… So many people concentrate on the quantity of the people they know instead of the quality. </3

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