Inspiration Lately | 11-5-14

I realized today that with my whirlwind visit to Michigan last weekend and Halloween, I haven’t blogged in approximately forever. Eek! Here’s all the things that have been keeping me so busy and/or inspired these last few weeks:

The children’s book I wrote for Kids’ Food Basket is officially available! Get it today!

My little goonie is back by my side (obvs a “Flying with Dogs” post coming soon! It will be a “learn from my mistakes” style post).


A snowy Michigan weekend, snuggled up on the couch of one of the loveliest human beings I know.

giselle deer.

This perfect child, who is unbelievably four years old now and dresses herself (yes, those are minion socks peeping out of her sparkly, purple cheetah print shoes).


A weekend spent camping at Golden Gate Canyon State Park (details coming soon to Adventures!).


A coffee shop that makes me insanely productive.


Crispy fall weather.


Weekend project inspiration. Thanks, A Beautiful Mess.

Halloween (and birthday celebrating) with my exceedingly talented and beautiful best friend. Email her for a free video tutorial on how to do this superhero pop art make up!

What were you for Halloween? What’s your weekend project agenda? Tell me by commenting below! :)


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