Inspiration Lately | 9-29-14

fall_finds. image rights:

Thrifted fall finds.

cute_cat. image rights:

Sweet snuggle cats to spend my rainy days with.

confluenceparkdenver. image rights:

Cutie vintage loafers from Planet Detroit perfect for exploring Denver’s Confluence Park.

sylviaplathbeer. image rights:

Reading on my roof with a beautifully inscribed book from my new favorite bookstore  and a Great Divide DPA in hand.

stephenkingonwriting. image rights:

This passage from Stephen King’s On Writing, where he describes how he writes for his Ideal Reader (I.R.), his wife Tabby.

voodoodoughnutdenver. image rights:

My first pink box.

image rights:

An early morning spent here, finally finding some new words.

The world’s cutest heavy metal brewery and the good conversation I found there.

A perfect couch for a 324 square foot space.

And a few still-to-be-completed, highly ambitious weekend goals.

Here’s to accomplishing everything on our lists for the week. What projects are you working on?


P.S. Add to the list: siblings who catch my spelling errors and tell me if my blog is cool or not.


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