Home Cures for Colds

Honey and cinnamon. www.thislittlespace.com

I am currently battling the worst cold known to mankind. I was committed to using my mama’s old standby – a tablespoon of honey dipped in cinnamon (she takes her straight, I put mine in tea, because I’m not a total hardass) but it’s not seeming to work.

Over-the-counter cold medicines and things like Tylenol always make me feel awful. Today I tried to take cold medicine and fell asleep in the middle of my work day and missed some pretty important work things. No bueno.

What are your go-to home cures for colds? Give them all to me, please.



3 thoughts on “Home Cures for Colds”

  1. **never keep taking Nyquil. Always read the directions…lol. when I was 19 I had a horrible cold and OD’D on nyquil…lol. Ive never done a drug but I always felt like it might feel like the feeling I got being high on nyquil…lmao

  2. Seriously though I always talk myself out of a cold by saying it must be allergies. I never admit to a cold. Works for me!! ♡

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