Inspiration Lately | 9-9-14


Black + white + wood. And maybe a little bit of gray.


The most beautiful kitchen on planet Earth (from one of my favorite bloggers) and a tutorial to make this utensil rack, which I desperately need. (Note: things you don’t really look at when you tour a 325 square foot studio apartment…if the kitchen has any drawers.)


Shaker pegs. Shaker everything. (And a nice tutorial to make your own shaker pegs from the darlings at A Beautiful Mess.)

324 square foot studio. www.thislittlespace.comA normal-sized bathroom with good light to call my own.


This gorgeous home, which makes me feel okay about mixed woods.


Bringing the outdoors in.

IKEA Brimnes parts.

Putting together my first piece of IKEA furniture without crying, throwing more than one power tool, and/or getting too drunk.


Keys. Image rights:

Lodge living. It’s been a dream.

Friends that will let me sob hysterically on the phone, Tweet at them about proper names for baby animals, and remind me that no matter where I go, I’ll always have people that love me.

And a reminder from my mother that I can be very predictable.

The past week in my new little space has been both wonderful and terrifyingly lonely. But today I found a vintage, counter-style writing desk for $20 at Goodwill. I’m going to remember the feeling of seeing it across the store every time I feel like crying and whining and missing my friends and family. I’m so grateful they put up with the bratty tendencies that I have when I haven’t been writing.

Who knew moving 1200 miles away from everyone you love and everything you know would be so hard?



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6 thoughts on “Inspiration Lately | 9-9-14”

  1. I love the composition in the first photo a lot; the strong color contrast alongside wood works really well.

    The fourth one is also really gorgeous and I agree that the mixed woods work really well for it. I think those two are really good inspiration, especially with how well-organized they are.

    And of course, there’s no better way to assemble furniture than (not too) drunk.

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