First Glimpses | The Lodge

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Welcome to my new little space, The Lodge.

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There’s a canoe on my patio, which is right behind my favorite bookstore on planet Earth.

2014-09-02_11.45.31_1There’s lots of good light, amazing tile floors and counters, and two (yes, two!) closets in my 324 square foot space.


It’s been like Christmas unpacking boxes and finding all my favorite things.


Of course, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that the first few days were not like Christmas at all. They were like living in an apartment with burst pipes and two massive holes in my ceiling.

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Now that’s the mess is finally cleared up, I’ve been settling in by building IKEA furniture and drinking Coors Banquet.


I loaded an IKEA Brimnes bed into my Jeep by myself. And met one of my amazing new neighbors (a girl my age from Ohio! hooray for fellow Midwesterners!) as I nearly killed myself trying to haul it up my apartment steps at 9:30PM.


IKEA doesn’t recommend building this bed (the Brimnes) by yourself. Mainly because there are approximately 80 billion pieces. But I did it semi-drunk and I’m not dead (and the bed is still standing), so…

IKEA Brimnes.

This was the hardest part. That’s why tools are thrown everywhere. I like this picture because it shows how big my apartment feels, even though it’s less than 350 square feet. The bed I bought is a full-size. Look how much space I have!

IKEA Brimnes.

You can see I’m still making use of the power screwdriver I bought for my birthday. I literally can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to put together the bed without it. With it, building the IKEA Brimnes took about 4 hours, but I was also a little drunk and texting/dancing/making dinner in my adorable baby kitchen.

Tiny studio kitchen.

It’s been so good to finally settle into my new little space and the city. For the last month, I’ve been staying with a lovely friend of my new boss, and she was AMAZING. She was the kindest, best host, but I felt like I was on vacation. Having my own space – with all my books and art and towels around me – has really made me realize that I live in Denver now. 

Which is good. Really good.




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