Inspiration for 324 Square Feet

It’s official, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! Today I sign my lease for my 324 square foot space.

I literally couldn’t be more excited for the adventures to come. I’ll be sharing photos and updates soon, but in the meantime, here’s all the inspiration I’ve been collecting.

Furniture + Storage



My two main concerns with living in 324 square feet are storage and sleeping space. I need things to be orderly, and I can’t sleep in a room that is also my office (and my kitchen and my living room). This Expedit Bookcase from IKEA (featured in both photos above) works amazingly for storage, and is also a pretty good faux-wall.

Cait Weingartner’s studio (the first picture in this post) is pretty much my dream space. You can see the rest of it on The Everygirl.


I’m obsessed with the idea of having a bed that has storage underneath (do you hear me gods of Denver Craigslist??). I also love the idea of creating a pallet/curtain wall as an alternative to the Expedit bookcase. It makes the bed into a nook, which seems like the coziest, best idea ever.


I’ll only have one window in my studio. Why not make the most of it by surrounding it with books?

(P.S. Don’t click the photo to look at the  stunning townhouse by Elding Oscarson that the room in the above photo belongs to. You will die of jealousy.)

Sheer + White + Light



I love the idea of using sheer curtains to divide off the sleeping area of a studio. White (curtains, walls, floor, bedding, everything) also works wonders in making a little space seem bigger.

Cozy + Me


While I’m all for having things seem light and airy, I also can’t feel like I live in a hotel. It’s cool to be a minimalist, but I also need to feel at home when I get home. I think the space above achieves being homey while still feeling light and open. The key is in the textures and patterns that are subtly included. Must find nubby rugs, all the patterned throw pillows, and that amazing wall paper.


Having a white couch makes me have anxiety, but I love how it grounds this funky room. Seriously considering having a white couch if it means I can have a crazy rug, beach wood coffee table, and eclectic art.

I’m so excited to share some photos of my little space with you. Stay tuned! In the meantime, more inspiration for little space living found here.


1 thought on “Inspiration for 324 Square Feet”

  1. Ah that last composition is really beautiful! I agree that thought white couches can be scary to have / maintain before someone spills red wine all over it, it contrasts with the rug and art. Focusing on that, I really love the clear contours and colors on the faces. The black and white frames is also a really nice contrast. Finally, the masks add a sort of physicality to the motif of portrait that’s prevalent in this arrangement. My only qualm was the blue chair–something about it here feels off.

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