Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14

In the last week I a) bumped into a group of pedestrians with my Jeep, b) hit a post in a gas station parking lot and took out my headlight, c) fell down my front steps and sprained my ankle, d) shattered my cell phone screen, and e) still have not found an apartment in Denver.

Here are the things that are keeping me inspired, anyway.


All mixed everything.


Boots and socks and tights (for when my ankle isn’t the size of an orange).


A darling, handwritten note from the most beautiful friend. My first piece of mail in Denver!


Well-behaved cat children who were troopers through 1200 miles, 27 hours, one crazy Nebraska tornado-rain, and a 4-hour trip to Pep Boys when our Jeep stalled in the middle of the road.


Brain food and 2015 business plans for This Little Space.

IMG_20140815_122107Cutie vintage moccs from PlanetDetroit that showed up just in time for me to wear them to work.


Long, sunny Saturdays spent getting a lot done at Stella’s Coffee Haus.


An unexpected walk around City Park that brought me here.


Skype dates with my best pup, and my mom for hanging on to him until I find a place here.


And frozen peas. All the frozen peas.

What’s keeping you inspired this week?



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