I Made It

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I’m officially a resident of Denver. I even have a King Soopers card.

It didn’t really hit me until last night, and I’ve been here since Saturday. I’m staying with a friend of my new boss while I search for a new little space to call my own. Last night, she was showing me around her beautiful neighborhood and explaining how all of Denver’s streets run alphabetically or numerically. A perfect street-and-alley grid system. She showed me where her free recycling bin was, and the dumpster she and her neighbors share.

“So you all split the cost?” I asked. In Michigan, everyone has their own trash can, and you pay to have it picked up each week.

“No, it’s paid for by our taxes. The city provides it. It’s free.” She explained.

“God, I want to live in Denver.” I said.

We both laughed as I realized that I do, indeed, live in this magical city of free trash pick-up, recycling, and beautifully organized streets.

I’m so excited to fall more in love with Denver every day, and even more ecstatic to find my next little space.

Stay tuned!




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