Inspiration Lately | 7-29-14

Only 8 full days are between me and my move from Michigan to Colorado. My life is a complete disarray of pizza, packing tape, and trips to Goodwill. Here are some things that are keeping me inspired.


This “Renter’s Guide to Moving Cross Country” and it’s wonderful checklists.


A shirt perfect for moving boxes and car sleeping.


Fringe boots that make my soul happy.


Turquoise earrings for less than $10, pinned by one of my favorite Pinners.

Mismatched things and beach wood in the bedroom.


Lofty spaces that make me believe in my ability to live in a less than 500 square foot studio in Denver (once I find one).

Skeleton key tattoo inspiration, because “the key to change is letting go of fear” and I think I might need a daily reminder of that in the next few weeks. and all her wonderful blogging tips  & tricks. Seriously – she is a guru.

An actual real person who moved her 3 cats across the country, and lived to pin about it.

And all the love & support from my co-workers, who have made moving to Denver the hardest decision of my life.


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