If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been away from This Little Space for the past two weeks, it isn’t because I gave up on my love of power tools or didn’t have any inspiration lately. It’s because my life became a whirlwind of driving/flying to Denver, waiting for phone calls, and obsessively checking my email every 5 minutes.

But now, I can officially share with you…


I could not be more excited to be a future resident of the amazing Mile-High City. Or to join the team at Candid Culture, where I’ll be working as a Business Manager for the fabulously hilarious author and motivational speaker Shari Harley.

This was obviously not an easy choice for me, because I’m totally in love with my current job at Kids’ Food Basket. I mean – world’s greatest team EVER. Seriously. I literally could not love my co-workers more. They have been watching, totally bewildered, as I cry in the bathroom and at my desk all week. I’m also super sad to be leaving my current little space, and the little space I’ve found in Grand Rapids. It’s been so good to me.

But even though it’s hard to go, I know it’s the right move for me. Denver makes me feel alive, and in a way I can’t explain, more like myself. I’m always full of words and writing inspiration when I’m there. And the opportunity to work alongside an author, and her amazing team, is the right move for me.

I’m so excited to find my next little space in Denver, and to make the city my own.

Thanks for your support and reading of This Little Space so far!

More good things to come,


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