A Quick Synopsis of My Road Trip [So Far]

Image rights: www.thislittlespace.com

Left White Cloud, MI at 5:00AM. Promptly almost hit a deer.

Celebrated near miss with gas station Krispy Creme donuts and Twizzlers for breakfast.

Drove 6 hours to Iowa City. Found this bookstore. Bought these postcards.

Napped in my smart car in a public park for 30 minutes.

DROVE 8 MILLION HOURS. Didn’t know which state I was in 40% of the time. 

Decided to stop driving at 10:00PM, when Nebraska graced me with an earth-shattering sunset & lightning storm at the same time.

Fell asleep listening to the rain at a truck stop in North Platte, Nebraska. Slept like a baby child for 8 hours.

Left world’s best truck stop at 5:00AM.

Found bliss listening to this song with the windows down at 85mph.

Arrived in Denver an hour earlier than I was supposed to (“Oh shit…there’s a time change?) and found a coffee shop that is my home away from home.

The universe is being so good to me. Hope you are just as happy as I am. :)



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