Reasons I’m Driving 1,200 Miles [in a smart car]


I’m taking a 1,200 mile road trip from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Denver, Colorado. In my smart car.

Here’s why.

Getting lost = getting right with your soul. After a long, tumultuous relationship (we’re friends now, no hard feelings!) and a semi-dreadful break-up, I really just need to realign. Plus, I’m having a hard time dealing with post-college existence. THE REST OF MY LIFE is stretched out before me with no end in sight. Driving long distances is supposed to be therapeutic (for your mind, at least…my yoga teacher is “concerned for my outer body”). I’m hoping to do lots of thinking and feeling as I find myself (inevitably) lost and/or not lost on the way to Denver.

Peace and quiet. I’ve been craving creativity. I need more of it. And I’m afraid if I don’t find a space for it in my life now, I never will. I found the place I’m staying using A couple in Denver turned their basement into a retreat for writers. They live right downtown, and have transformed their entire property into an urban homestead, complete with chickens, bees, and gardens galore. I imagine it’s going to be like heaven or something.

I want to be a better minimalist. I live in a little space. Just under 500 square feet. Sometimes I feel…confined. Like I can’t move without bumping my elbow into a wall. Forcing myself to spend 17 hours in a smart car should teach me what real necessities are.

Adventures are good for you. Someone told me recently that the place he feels most like himself is whenever he is somewhere he hasn’t been before. I agree. I am never more alive than when I see something, someone, or some place for the first time. I’m hoping this trip will spark my creativity, and my heart.

What’s your longest road trip? Any tips for me? Suggestions for my mix CD’s? :)


8 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Driving 1,200 Miles [in a smart car]”

  1. I know this post is old…but I came across it as I’m researching my own cross country trek! How did it go? Would you do it again if you had to? How did the vehicle hold up? Would love to know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Elsa! Sorry for the slow reply! The vehicle held up okay…I’d give it a 7/10, mainly because with a smart car, you have to refill the air conditioner every 3,000 miles or so. Yikes! I ran out of A/C halfway there. Otherwise, it was great – lots of looks and waves!

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