5 Tips for Living Without A/C

When I first looked at my little (upstairs) space, I was only slightly concerned that it didn’t have central air. I figured I would just get a window unit.

I learned two weeks ago that the electric grid in my house can’t support a window unit. They take too much voltage, and my grid/wiring is really old.  My smart car also has no air conditioning because the blower motor broke this past winter (that’s how frigid it was in Michigan).

You might wonder how I’m still alive.

Here’s how I do it.

5 Tips for Living Without A/C

1. Closed during the day/open during the night. Keep your blinds and windows closed during the day to block the sun, and open them at night, when it’s cooler, to let the air in. The same goes for doors! Keeping all the doors (including closets) open at night helps the cool air circulate.

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(Austen the Cat and I demonstrate the technique of keeping your windows open at night.)


2. FANS, FANS, FANS. I recommend a window fan like this one for your bedroom. I suck the hot air out of my apartment during the day while I’m gone at work (so my pet kids don’t die), and then pull the cold air in at night. It’s legit almost as good as an air conditioner.

Image rights: www.thislittlespace.com

3. All cold everything. I might as well just unplug my microwave and oven for the rest of the summer, because it’s popsicles for dinner from here on out. I also make sure my dog child and cat brats stay cool by putting ice cubes in their water, which make them think I’m the best pet mom ever.


4. Sun blocking curtains & roman blinds. In my apartment, all the windows are one side of the house so there’s virtually no air floor (seriously…look out for this when you’re apartment hunting). These windows are, of course, on the eastern-facing side of the house, which means they are in direct sun all day. Sun blocking curtains and roman shades all day.


5. Get outside. As crappy as it is that my little space doesn’t have (and can’t have) air conditioning, it does have this amazing walk-out patio space (almost 200 sq ft) that is perfect for growing hot peppers and enjoying summer breezes with a large glass of icy sangria in hand. If you don’t have a patio, just chill out on your front steps, or at the library, or go to the beach. Get out of your hot, hell-hole house. But be grateful for it! Seriously…it’s making you a better adventurer.

Image rights: www.thislittlespace.com


What tips do YOU have for staying cool in the summer with no a/c? I will also take any advice on broken blower motors. :)


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