Inspiration Lately | 5-17-14



These bar stools (and their lookalikes at Target).


This baby kitchen, which makes me believe in my baby kitchen.  In love with the wooden plank counter, tiny brass measuring cups, subway tile back splash, and open shelving.

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Heirloom toms, peppers, and curly kale from Well House’s amazing $2 plant sale, proceeds of which help people who are living homeless in Grand Rapids. Here’s to not my not killing these little darlings, and helping end the housing deficiency in my city.

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Boots and beer and stoop sitting at this place with my best.

This little angel bear and his papa for taking him off my hands for the day.

A cozy patio table to die for.

A writing chair I could love forever.

Late nights spent inspired at my writing desk.

New social media buttons and the courage I found figuring out how to make them work.

And late night work sessions fueled by Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sour Punch Straws.

Yesterday I had to wear a coat while walking my dog. Next weekend I’ll be boating and at the beach. Michigan is fun. Hope it is warm wherever you are! :)


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