Inspiration Lately | 5-1-14

Happy May, homies! This fresh, clean, living room with just a touch of edge from AllModern has me thinking about the endless possibilities this new month has.


New balcony rails, dreams of hanging planters, and this plant sale in two weeks.

A best who is doing 101 Things and inspiring me to make it a regularly occurring feature on This Little Space.

This poem by e.e. cummings.

Image rights:

Breakfast for dinner with this Christmas shirt wearing cutie and her mama.


The best co-workers in the whole wide world and all the love and support they bring into my life on the daily.

This rollerblading competition in three weeks.

A new bi-weekly writing group that won’t put up with my bullshit.

A long, late-night phone call that reminded me (in the best way) of those magical days of giggly landline phone conversations that your mom/older brother was probably on the other line of.

And the pure joy I experienced while learning how to insert .gifs into my blog.


I’m so happy it’s May, I could just die. So many good things are happening this month. I can’t wait to hang my hammock in the sun.

What are you looking forward to? :)






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