5 Ways to Stop Being a Jaded Twenty-Something

My best friend and I have come up with a theory. It’s that twenty-somethings (our people) kind of suck at being happy in relationships. This probably isn’t news to anyone who’s ever been in a relationship with/been friends with/met a twenty-something. We’re all so whiny.

There’s always something wrong, whether it’s in a friendship or relationship. If you’re in your twenties, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve met that guy that can’t commit because of his trust issues (i.e. one girl broke his heart one time and now he’s emotionally incapable of being with anyone ever again). Or that girl who loves her boyfriend but can’t stop sleeping with her ex. Or you have that friend that needs you to hang out all the time (and does not understand that you have homework/a job/things to do/a life) and makes you feel like you’re an awful friend (i.e. a terrible, terrible person).

And maybe it’s not just twenty-somethings. Maybe it’s just human beings in general. Maybe the internet/technology/modern America has made us all suck at connecting with each other.

Whatever it is, here are…

5 Ways to Stop Being a Jaded Twenty-Something

1. Don’t make rules for yourself.

Stop saying you’re going to die alone/be alone forever/be a cat lady/just bang chicks for life. NO YOU ARE NOT. Eventually you are going to grow up, and make meaningful connections with people, so just embrace it. And in the mean time, try loving life a little more. I’ve found it usually loves you back.

2. Don’t make rules for other people.

The secret to being miserable forever is to always assume other people will hurt you/don’t like you/aren’t interested/etc. YOU DON’T KNOW…until you stop stalking their Twitter feed and talk to them in real life. And maybe they will hurt you/don’t like you/aren’t interested. That’s okay. You won’t die.

3.  Give up whatever is hurting you.

So what if some girl/guy/friend/parent/teacher made you feel sad 10 years ago. LET THAT SHIT GO.

4. Stop being a little scaredy-baby.


Just do that thing you’re afraid of. It won’t kill you. And you can always say sorry if you screw it up.

5. Recognize that change is good.

I’m a firm believer that no one actually wants to be unhappy. So stop pretending that you do. Nothing holds you back from happiness but yourself.

Get out there and be amazing.


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