Easter Weekend Travels

4 cities, 168 miles of travel, and endless amounts of gratitude for all the blessings I found.

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I started off the weekend at my mom’s house on Friday night, because she agreed to babysit my rascal pug for the weekend. We sat on the porch in the sun and answered these “conversation diggers” and then talked about the meaning behind Good Friday. She shared with me that if she could be guaranteed success at any one thing, it would be at being a good mother. Her answer surprised me, in a good way.

After I dropped off Mugs, I took a long road trip to my hometown to see Becci. She has the world’s most comfortable couch, and makes the best coffee. Naturally, I go to her house to think.

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When I’m in my hometown I don’t have to wear shoes outdoors. So that’s nice.

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And Becci stays up until 2AM with me, listening to me ramble about love, relationships, life, religion, and everything in between. Also, her kids make me s’mores.

On Saturday morning (Easter Eve) I trekked all the way out to Coral, MI to take the world’s best uncle out for a late birthday lunch.

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We went to Latitudes Roadhouse, because where else. If you’re ever in Howard City-area (which you won’t be) this is where you should eat. And you should ask Brian to be your waiter, because he is the funniest, and will give you free side salads. Also, they put fresh wildflowers on all the tables.

After lunch, we went to Kindel & Co., which is probably the best boutique ever. In the world. And it’s in Howard City, which makes it even better.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in my uncle’s cottage, sharing stories and laughing and just watching the lake.

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It was blissful. I spent the better part of the last week trying to settle something in my heart, and somewhere between Becci’s couch and my uncle’s kitchen counter, I think I might have figured it out.

On Easter Sunday, I headed back to my mom’s and we went out to breakfast at I-HOP, because where else. I realized at I-HOP that we drink our coffee the same way, and that made me happy.

After breakfast with my mom, I travelled back north to have Easter dinner with my best friend Olivia’s family. I’ve been doing this for the last few years, and I’m blessed by how this family has enveloped me into their traditions and love.

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Grandma Jane and Olivia’s brother Isaiah always give me the best love advice. Grandma Jane says: “Stay clear of the weasels. Find a religious man who loves you and is always kind.” Isaiah tells me to just stop dating losers, which is basically the same thing.

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Three-year-old Giselle is always ready to show me the correct way to do something, including how to relax in the sun (pictured above).

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And Olivia (who will probably no longer be my best friend after I put this picture on my blog), and her boyfriend Josh, remind me every time they’re together of the love that I deserve in my own life. :)

I hope your Easter weekend (whether you celebrate it or not) was all things restful, meaningful, and love-filled.

Look forward to a post on a house project this week! :)


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