Inspiration Lately | 4/18/14



Happy Good Friday, friends. Can I just be straight up and say that I didn’t even really know what this religious holiday was about until recently? And that I was pleasantly shocked when I found out I had it off from work?

I like the name of it. Good Friday. I like that it’s a little bit about new beginnings. I’m about those right now too.

Lately, I have been LOVING geometric stripes and patterns. And blues. I’m thinking about accenting one wall in my living room the exact blue in the picture above. More geometry found here.


I need everything in the above picture. Preferably delivered this afternoon.

Painted Brown Eggs

I’m not actually going to decorate Easter eggs this weekend (I hope) but if I was, I would make these ones.

Image rights:

And if I do end up making Easter eggs, it would only be because my best friend’s daughter is literally so adorable that I absolutely can never (ever) say no to her.

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She inspires me to take naps at the playground.

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And see the beauty in every sunset.

Image rights: Image rights:

Also, inspiring me…

Warmer weather and long walks with Mugs finding all sorts of unexpected goodness in our neighborhood.

Easter weekend plans that include long road trips, dinners, sangria, and lots of late nights catching up with some of my favorite people. (I should probably be packing…)

Early mornings spent in quiet coffee shops with good company.


Do you celebrate Easter? Can you teach me about Good Friday? What are your weekend plans?

Tell me everything. :)



3 thoughts on “Inspiration Lately | 4/18/14”

  1. I LOVE the pictures and I want almost everything in them too!!! Blue is my favorite color :) I’m waiting to purchase new things for the house simply because I have no clue what will go/fit into a new house.. I go from needing to get out of here to sadness about leaving…I’m a mess really…about my whole life.

    My weekend plans involve family (my friend is family) and sangria too!!! ♥

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