Savasana Makes Me Cry


A few weeks ago I bought a yoga mat from a sporting goods store. It was on a whim, because I HAD to do it (I am committed to the list). And because it was the most calming, peaceful yoga mat I had ever seen. It was the one, you know.

Then I procrastinated for a month. I used the bizarre Michigan weather as an excuse (it’s snowing/raining/tornadoing/hailing/too hot out) to not walk two blocks to the yoga studio I walk by almost every day when I walk my dog.

Finally, two weeks ago, I went in From the Heart Yoga Studio and signed up for classes.

It is absolutely changing my life.

I used to go to yoga classes when I lived at Ramblewood Apartments, because the classes were free for residents. And it was great – I always felt like I got a really good stretch. But these classes are totally different.

From the Heart Yoga Studio focuses on whole body, mind, and spirit yoga. This is the type of yoga you need if you’re like me (i.e. your life is a hot mess).

I love all the new words I’m learning. Each one feels like taking a sigh or a deep breath.

Do I sound like a hippie, yoga-doing mystic yet?? :)

I’m finding that dhyana and dharana are the hardest for me. At the end of each class, we lay in corpse pose and I immediately feel like I want to cry. But not in a bad way. I am flooded with this sense of samadhi — of liberation. It feels like all of my emotions and memories just want to burst out of my skin the second I close my eyes. It’s terrifying and wonderful, all at once. I try to relax and drift into a dreamy yogic trance (which is what it seems like everyone else is doing (not that I’m watching them, because that’s not yoga-kosher)) but I just can’t. I think of everything and I feel everything.

It’s good. And bad. And I love it.

I think that means I’m healing.

Has anyone else tried a more intense, mind/body/spirit yoga? Let’s chat about it!


4 thoughts on “Savasana Makes Me Cry”

  1. First, I used to live right by Ramblewood! I ran through there often.
    Second, the title of the post totally drew me to it–I totally cry during Savasana too! It’s interesting to see someone feeling the same way.
    I never thought I would like yoga–but yes, like you, I am hooked now!

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