Inspiration Lately | 3-20-14


Happy first day of Spring! As a Michigander, I could not be more excited (even though there is a light dusting of snow on the ground from last night). I’m so looking forward to rainy Sunday afternoons spent reading, curled up with a mug of tea and my best pup.

How cute are the boots in the above picture? I just bought a similar pair from Urban Exchange and I can’t wait to wear them with a flirty little floral dress.

I also can’t wait to start planting! On my list of 101 Things to Do in 2014, #15 is to plant vegetables or herbs on my patio. I love the idea of urban gardening, and even though I have traditionally been a black thumb, I’m convinced 2014 is my year to turn a new leaf. There’s no reason my patio shouldn’t look like this…


And how easy would it be to grow herbs in a spice rack?


And seriously…how adorable are these “graffiti” flowers? I’m enamored with the idea of gorilla planting marigolds all along my street.


Other inspirations from the last few weeks (I’ve had tons of time to dream while I’ve been “resting” my foot)…

Anthropologie’s new line of rocking chairs makes me want to have babies or be 87 so I have a solid excuse for spending $1000+ on a rocking chair.


This typographic wall art project featured on A Beautiful Mess looks super easy to do, and I would love to make one for the huge empty wall space above my microwave in the kitchen. (P.S. Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest & the gals at A Beautiful Mess are absolute blogging inspiration…if you visit their sites, be prepared to be there awhile). 


This afghan = perfect for my future rainy day book reading. Infinite love to whoever can tell me where I can actually find it/buy it.

This guide for caring for the new succulent that graces my desk at work.

This storage bench wants to come to my house and be mine forever.

Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop makes me want to pack up my smart car tonight and never come back. But seriously, I am already saving up for their writer’s retreat this July.

Dinner and drinks with my best tonight.

What’s on your wishlist this spring? If you have an extensive Pinterest wishlist like me, send me a link to it in the comments below. :)


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