Inspiration Lately | 3-9-14


Chocolate chip sconies and chai tea in the fresh March sunlight at my favorite cafe.

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Unexpected Salvation Army finds.

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Determination and the kindness of  the Salvation Army worker who helped me fit those unexpected finds into the trunk of my smart.

Seeing the power of hunger harnessed and put to good use with FoodCircles. The innovation behind this makes me believe that changing the world is possible. Get the app here.

A quiz that will tell you what decorating theme you should be using in your home and then gives you ideas on how to implement it. My result: Classic with a Touch of Bohemian (aka…”You Have Split Personality Decorating Disorder).

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The best day-after dinner anyone’s ever had after an epic weekend of rollerblading and frivolity.

Closet inspiration that makes me believe the awkward closet in the bedroom of my little space can be made functional.


The bright idea that this messy bookshelf would probably look better white and a guide to painting laminate that will help make my dreams come true.

A workplace that throws me a belated birthday party complete with confetti cake, balloons, and gag gifts that make me feel known.

And a boss who reminds me not to quit when things get tough by sharing this quote.

Happy March! On Friday, it was 47 degrees at 6PM in Michigan! Who even understands how this was possible?!

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I’m not questioning it.

Stay inspired friends. :)


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