Inspiration Lately | 2-27-14


Kitchens that are mismatched, scratched up, and still beautiful.

This perfect reading chair.

10 awesome wines under $20. This guide is adorably/hilariously written and perfect for twenty-somethings like me that don’t really know anything at all about wine, but love to drink it and feel fancy.


Obnoxious floral prints and more obnoxious floral prints.


Vintage prints of birds in mismatched frames. And art galleries in bathrooms.

The feeling that spring (and SPRING CLEANING!) is just around the corner, which means I will soon be able to rip the plastic off my windows.

Late night cups of this tea and snuggles with Muglas and Austen Stanley while Janeway watches us from on top her cat tree (because Jane does not approve of snuggling).

Writing collaborative poems and drawing with my student at the Creative Youth Center every Tuesday night. Her maturity and seriousness (for a sixth grader) keep me humble.

Finally conquering Pages and Menus and 1/864th of the HTML universe.

It was 4 degrees this morning on my drive in to work, which makes it hard to think about spring, but I CAN’T STOP. I can’t wait to start planting some seedlings for my summer balcony, and to get some fresh air in my apartment. I’m also really looking forward to spring cleaning my little space (especially my closets).

What are you looking forward to? What’s keeping you inspired? Do you have a weird cat or an obsession with cleaning?

Let’s talk about it. :)


1 thought on “Inspiration Lately | 2-27-14”

  1. I know this is a pretty old post of yours, but as I was looking through the “Inspiration Lately” section I couldn’t help but to notice the gorgeous floral patterns. I know they are so “obnoxious” (especially on clothes!) but their size works really in the composition of the furniture. I sort of wish that the other elements were more minimal in order to emphasize the floral prints.

    Also, again, I love the electic collection of frames with a unified theme. I think it works really well here and the filter & frames give it a more “vintage” look (a word I’m not a huge fan of, but you know). I think though that there could be better use of negative space here.

    But the fact that it’s in a bathroom makes it much cooler.

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