Inspiration Lately | 2-18-14

Sunny Saturday morning road trips with my best pup, jamming to this tune.


A sunny, Saturday spent at The Cove with my favorite uncle, a cousin who sends me cards with Harry Potter stamps, and that same cousin’s adorable baby.


Mugs’ very first “big dog” friend, Zeus, (pictured above) and the epic nap Mugs took after their hour long run in the snow by the lake.

Couches that actually look comfortable and mismatched colors and patterns that manage to look right together.


Friends that make me go out and get drunk (rather than sit around and cry over Grey’s Anatomy every night) and friends who forgive me for the overly honest texts I send and the awkward situations I create.

Co-workers (and a boss) who forgive me and sympathize when I come to work on Monday still hungover from Saturday.

So much talk about the “Detroit Renaissance” and the awesome people I know who are actually doing things like this.

Clean white walls and the chance to start fresh.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like spring is almost here! Looking forward to all the good things that are to come (and to sharing them with you)!


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