Inspiration Lately | 2-9-14

59c79883ebdbe6ff9cf6610070da7ff7(Photography by Megan Pomeroy, found on

Mismatched photo frame gallery walls and beautifully ornate cabinets.

Bathroom Paint - This Little Space

Paint (and spackling!) delivered to my doorstep FOR FREE by my awesome landlord. Ready to be rid of my hospital green bathroom forever.

Inspired lists that keep me moving forward.

Friends who are available to listen to me talk too much, give honest feedback on my blog, and always favorite my tweets.

A coffee/tea/news stand that lets me set up residence and inspires me to be creative even when I’m feeling glum.

Long talks with my mom and brother (the latter of whom FINALLY came back for a brief visit from Los Angeles).

An old[er] article I found that perfectly summarizes why my neighborhood is the bees knees.

Friends who tell me it’s okay to just date myself for awhile.

These perfect ankle boots.

And lastly, a poem written about me by a writer I’ve always admired.


What inspires you? Have a happy week, friends! :)


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