How To Buy Power Tools & Be Single On Your Birthday

How to Be Single on Your Birthday | This Little Space

My birthday was this past Sunday (yes, on the Super Bowl AND Groundhog’s Day…) and it was my first “single girl” birthday in awhile. So naturally my plan was to HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE by eating out for every meal and drinking a ton of drinks I would normally never try.

Rockwell Republic | This Little Space

I started on Saturday, 2/1 (don’t judge) and treated myself to breakfast at The Sparrows Coffee, Tea, & Newstand where I got jazzed up on espresso and did a ton of blog work. Next I went to lunch at The Winchester with my mom, and after that, I went to El Haragan with my best friend Olivia and her family, including her crazy three-year-old Giselle (accurately depicted in the first photo). And yes, I am getting drunk with a three-year-old present. She was ice-cream drunk, so it was totally fine.

On my actual birthday, February 2, I went to Rockwell/Republic (pictured above) for their Bloody Mary buffet, but not before  I began the day by buying my first power tool.

Let me say that again: I BOUGHT MY FIRST POWER TOOL.

How To Buy Power Tools | This Little Space

I needed it to fix my bed (remember, the one that cost less than $150?) because I thought I could get away with only have two bed slats, and that was a mistake. On my birthday I woke up sleeping on the floor with pieces of splintered wood all around me.

A trip to Home Depot was in order.


Can I take a moment to say that I LOVE HOME DEPOT. Seriously. I walked in with some measurements of my bed and they totally took care of me. The guy in the above picture cut my lumber and didn’t make fun of me too much for not knowing anything about carpentry (what are wood screws? what is Gorilla Glue? what are these weird stick things? do I need my own saw?). Everyone at Home Depot is totally nice and will help you with anything. When I told a sales associate I needed to buy a power screwdriver or a drill, she announced  on the intercom: “A young lady with a black scarf on in isle two needs TO BUY HER FIRST POWER TOOL! WOOHOO!”

It was awesome.

Also, at Home Depot, they have these amazing things:


Vinyl patio fence. Perfect for when I petition my landlord to re-do my balcony so I can have dinner parties where the guests feel semi-safe being on my roof because at least there’s a railing.


Adorable mini-sink dresser things. I NEED this for my minuscule bathroom. It’s only $350 and it would change my life.

I probably could have spent my whole birthday in Home Depot, maxing out all my credit cards. Instead, I fell in love with power tools (they have a “try it before you buy it” area) and drove home blaring Drake and feeling so free because I’m single and I can fix my own bed!

Also, I got all this lumber to fit in my smart car.


Best birthday ever.


6 thoughts on “How To Buy Power Tools & Be Single On Your Birthday”

  1. While I’ve been single on my birthday for going on 8 years….I have never had a birthday like that! What awesome ideas!! I love any home improvement store…have always loved the dresser vanity thingies :) If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was the lady announcing that at Home Depot!! ♥

    1. It was exactly like it was you announcing it. You would like the Home Depot people, they are the funnest.
      And you don’t have birthdays like this because you are too selfless. You don’t even tell people it’s your birthday.
      THIS YEAR we will have an extravaganza of eating and drinking because you will be in GR with me!!! :)

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