How to Buy a Bed for Less Than $150

How To Buy a Bed for Less than 150 Dollars - This Little Space

I am the proud owner of this BEAUTIFUL bed! (and that adorable dog, but that’s another story…)

I bought it when I found myself single again and contemplating buying an air mattress or sleeping on my hardwood floor when my  boyfriend ex-boyfriend moved out and took his (our) bed with him. Since 3 fur children live in my little space with me, neither the hardwood floor nor the air mattress were appealing

I found the bed frame ($70) and the NEW mattress ($50) on my college networking site. Total cost = $120

The frame is GORGEOUS and in mint condition, a vintage piece that the original owner paid god-only-knows how much for at this store, which I love, but could never afford to shop at. The owner was an alumni of the same college as me and is moving out of state on short notice to live with her boyfriend. She’s selling all of her furniture, for cheap, on our college networking site.

I haven’t checked the site in ages, because, c’mon, I’m graduated now. I can’t spend time reading about campus events all day.

Imagine my horror/excitement when I find the site is a complete treasure trove of amazing furniture (probably paid for by people’s parents) that they have to ditch last second. I LOVE IT.

$10 microwaves. $50 mattresses. $70 vintage bed frames…

If you haven’t used your college’s networking site…check it out…you might be surprised at what you find!

Any other ideas for scoring cheap furniture and household goods?


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