Shit, My Shower Head Broke Off

This is a great FIRST POST because if you move into a tiny, old, crappy space, things are bound to break. You will have a story similar to this one. You will panic, as I did, because you just moved in, and you are deeply, deeply regretting moving into a space that it is a) too old; b) too small; but c) amazingly close to everything good in your city and shockingly cheap.

It’s going to be okay, I promise.

I should preface this post by explaining that I moved into my little space with a boyfriend. Although the relationship didn’t last, he did give me my first blog post, so there’s something.

We moved into our tiny apartment the day before we left for a week on vacation across country. Terrible idea. When we got back, the first thing that happened was ex-boyfriend broke the shower head off (disclaimer: not entirely the reason we separated). The broken off pipe was also stuck in the shower head, so, that really sucked.

Anyway…here’s how to fix a broken off shower head.

1) Make The Habitat for Humanity Re-Store your best friend. Seriously. There is going to be no better ally for you and your wallet in this journey. I found a shower head and an elbow pipe (NOT really sure if that’s what they’re called, but that’s what I’m calling it) for $2. Really. Not a typo. TWO DOLLARS.

Shower Head - This Little Space

2) Ask questions. I was only 30% sure the stuff above was the right stuff. So I asked the guy working at the Re-Store, and he wasn’t sure either. So he asked another lady who worked there, and then we Googled it on my phone. When in doubt, Google it out.

3) Take the old shower head/pipe off. I have a jenky, clawfoot-tub converted shower. If you live in a little old apartment like mine, chances are, you do too. The broken pipe in my shower just took a little elbow grease and it unscrewed. You might need a wrench. If you do, buy one. Make the guy at Home Depot or wherever tell you which one you need. Look a little dumb, it’s okay.

4) Screw this part in.

How To Fix Your Showerhead - This Little Space

5) Use teflon tape if you want to. I guess it prevents leaks. I didn’t use it, and my shower head doesn’t leak. So…up to you. You can buy it at Home Depot or Menard’s, or one of those places.

6) Screw that bad boy on. That’s it. Just twist everything together.

How To Fix Your Showerhead - This Little Space

Seriously, it was that easy.
So don’t panic.
And keep loving your little space.


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